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Experience the magic northern lights in Senja

From the end of september and into the winter you can experience the northern light in Senja. There are not many things that can beat Senjas' unique nature combined with the northern light painting the sky.

From the end of September and into the winter you can experience the northern lights in Senja, Norway. There are not many things that can beat Senjas' unique nature combined with the aurora painting the sky.

Witness the aurora in Senja, Norway

From September and all winter until April, you can experience the northern lights here in Senja. The long nights and frequent clear skies during these months provide the perfect backdrop for this celestial spectacle. There are not many things that can beat Senjas' unique nature combined with the northern light painting the sky. The majestic mountains rising dramatically from the sea, and the small, cosy fishing villages around the island, forms the perfect frame to chase the aurora borealis. At Camp Fjordbotn you have great chances to experience the northern lights right outside your front door. Or maybe you want to sit by the fireplace with a hot beverage, waiting for the aurora to appear? Ask us for help organizing your trip, and we will give you the best possible help to witness this fantastic phenomenon.

Why Senja is perfect for northern lights viewing

Senja, Norway’s second-largest island, is a prime destination for witnessing the magical northern lights, or aurora borealis. With its pristine landscapes and minimal light pollution, Senja offers an unparalleled experience for aurora chasers. Camp Fjordbotn Camping provides the perfect setting for your northern lights adventure, offering comfortable accommodations and easy access to the best viewing spots. Senja's remote location and untouched natural beauty create ideal conditions for experiencing the northern lights. The island’s clear, dark skies are free from urban light pollution, enhancing the visibility of the aurora.

Best spots to see the northern lights in Senja

Ersfjord Beach

Just a short drive from Fjordbotn Camping, Ersfjord Beach provides a stunning coastal setting for northern lights photography. The contrast between the shimmering aurora and the serene fjord creates a mesmerizing visual experience.

Bergsbotn viewing platform

Located along the National Tourist Route, the Bergsbotn viewing platform offers a panoramic view over the fjord and surrounding mountains. This elevated spot is perfect for observing the northern lights dancing across the sky.

Enhance your northern lights experience with our campsite

Our cabins provide a warm and cozy retreat after a night of aurora hunting. Enjoy modern amenities and a comfortable bed, ensuring you’re well-rested for another night of northern lights viewing. For those who prefer a more traditional camping experience, our campsite is equipped with all necessary facilities for tent, motorhome, and caravan travelers. Enjoy the thrill of watching the aurora from your own outdoor space.

Watch the aurora at Camp Fjordbotn

Our campsite itself is a fantastic location for northern lights viewing. Nestled by the fjord “Stønesbotn” on the north side of Senja, Fjordbotn Camping offers unobstructed views of the night sky, allowing you to watch the aurora from the comfort of your accommodation. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to offer advice and tips for the best northern lights viewing. We can help you understand the aurora forecasts and find the best spots to witness this natural wonder. While the northern lights are a major draw, Senja offers year-round attractions including hiking, fishing, and exploring the scenic landscapes. Make the most of your visit by enjoying all that Senja has to offer.

Utforsk flere opplevelser

Koble av og nyt tid i vår nye vedfyrte sauna med panoramautsikt ut over fjorden, med mulighet for midnattsol om sommeren og det spektakulære arktiske lyset.

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Vi tar deg med på en trugetur i området. Du kan selv velge om du vil gå til en høyde i området med utsikt over fjorden, eller til vår utmarkscamp, hvor vi kan lage bål i grillhytta.

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Stand up padling er en morsom og utfordrende vannsport som hele familien kan nyte sammen.

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One of best ways to experience unique landscape of Senja is to join Arctic Boat Safari.

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Take a breake from everyday-life and relax in our brand new wood-fired sauna. Here you get a panoramic view over the fjord.

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We take you on a snowshoe walk in the area. Either we can go to a summit view-point , or we can go to our wildlife-camp and make a bonfire inside our barbeque-hut.

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