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Mountain hikes

Senja, and especially the north of Senja, is known for their amazing mountains. You can find trips suitable for all, if you are just chilling or you are an experienced mountain hiker.

Senja, and especially the north of Senja, is known for their amazing mountains. You can find trips suitable for all, if you are just chilling or you are an experienced mountain hiker. Most of the trails are well marked. With around 50 tops over 750 meters, Senja is a paradise for summit hikes. Mountain hikes in Senja are just as beautiful in the summer as the winter.

Experience the green mountains plunge down in the blue ocean, or see the snow-capped peaks. You have the time for both two and three summit hikes in one day, which makes the island an eldorado for hikes. If you are not known in the area we recommend bringing a guide. When you get a guide you also get local knowledge about the most beautiful places. Famous mountain peaks like Breitinden, Segla, Hesten, Keipen and Barden all start just a few miles from Camp Fjordbotn .

Some of the most popular hikes in Senja


The highest mountain in Senja with over a 1000 altitude meters, but still fully possible to get to the top. The view on the top is spectacular with jagged mountain ranges and turquoise ocean.

The trail starts off relatively flat and gradually becomes steeper as you make your way up the mountain. The final ascent to the summit is quite steep and requires scrambling up rocky terrain. However, the stunning views from the top make the effort well worth it.

Degree of difficulty: hard

Altitude meters: 1000

Distance: 5,5 miles round trip


Segla is many people's favourite mountain, and if you are going on a summit hike in the north of Senja, a visit to this top should be at the top of your list. The path is clearly marked and the view at the top is something of the best Senja has to offer.

Segla is a mountain located on the western side of Senja and is one of the island's most iconic landmarks. The hike to the summit is challenging but rewarding, offering stunning views of the surrounding fjords and mountains.

Degree of difficulty: hard

Altitude meters: 600

Distance: 2,4 miles round trip


Hesten is the mountain next to Segla, most known for being the hotspot for taking the iconic “Segla-picture”

The hike is considered to be a moderately challenging trail, with a total distance of about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) and an elevation gain of around 400 meters (1,312 feet). The trail is well-marked and starts at the parking lot near Segla.

Degree of difficulty: medium

Altitude meters: 500

Distance: 1,8 kilometers


Also one of the most popular summit hikes in Senja. At the top there is a panoramic view with great opportunities to see the midnight sun.

The hike to the summit is challenging, but the views from the top are breathtaking and worth your while.

Degree of difficulty: hard

Altitude meters: 800

Distance: 3,7 miles round trip


A less demanding summit hike and a local favourite. Barden rises vertically from the sea and from the top you can enjoy the view of Mefjord, Øyfjord and other nearby mountain tops. There is also the possibility of going camping in the area. Wear waterproof shoes because the area around Barden is often wet.

One of the unique features of hiking Barden is the opportunity to cross a suspension bridge on the trail. The bridge is about 120 meters long and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Degree of difficulty: medium

Altitude meters: 600

Distance: 4,3 miles round trip

What to think about when hiking in Senja

Hiking in the mountains can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it's important to be prepared and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Here are some things to consider before you go hiking in the mountains.

Check the weather and dress appropriately

Mountain weather can be unpredictable and change quickly. Check the weather forecast before you go and be prepared for changing conditions.

Wear layers of clothing that can be easily added or removed depending on the temperature. Bring a waterproof jacket and pants, sturdy hiking boots, and a hat and gloves.

Bring food and water

Hiking in the mountains can be strenuous, so make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Bring high-energy snacks like trail mix, energy bars, and fruit to keep your energy levels up.

Go hiking with respect for the nature

Be respectful of the environment and follow Leave No Trace principles. Stay on designated trails, avoid damaging vegetation, and pack out all trash.

Come hiking in Senja!

Utforsk flere opplevelser

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Vi tar deg med på en trugetur i området. Du kan selv velge om du vil gå til en høyde i området med utsikt over fjorden, eller til vår utmarkscamp, hvor vi kan lage bål i grillhytta.

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Stand up padling er en morsom og utfordrende vannsport som hele familien kan nyte sammen.

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